Where The Two Rivers Meet EP

Vinyl onle EP released for Record Store Day 2018. It consists of an electric side and an acoustic side. The four tracks on the electric side were then released on the albums Equals (2018) and Sigma (2019). Two rivers is a reworked version of the song from Viral black, the other three were new at the time of this release. The acoustic side consists of three acoustic versions of songs from Blood red and Viral black, and one new song, Year One. Year One remains exclusive to this release.

Track listing:

  1. Two rivers
  2. Transatlantic
  3. Blood red viral black
  4. The white count
  5. Thirteen dead reindeer (acoustic version)
  6. Armageddon in the morning (acoustic version)
  7. Crowd trouble (acoustic version)
  8. Year One

Catalogue number: 21C099

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