The Alarm Archive

Fanzine started in 1993 by Steve Fulton, soon joined by Gary Overington.  Fanzine produced a single issue, before the pair went onto bigger things.  They concocted the idea for CD-ROM that would hold all the known information about The Alarm.

A demo version if the CD was created for the Gathering in 1995, and soon after a web site was created with the name The Alarm Archive (but did not have the domain name).

Click Above To Visit The Original site

When Mike Peters and Jules Jones asked Steve and Gary to take over running the official Alarm site ( in late 1995,  The Alarm Archive fell by the wayside.

25 years later, in 2020, during  a world-wide pandemic and global social unrest, the pair have joined-up with other Alarm super fans Ian Francis, Rob Hurst, Pete Cole and Johan Erikson to continue the dream of creating a single, comprehensive source for all information about The Alarm.

This is The Alarm Archive.

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