Transatlantic was first released on the Where The Two Rivers Meet EP in 2018. The same version was then released on the album Equals in 2018.

Running time: 3:27
Written By: Mike Peters

Mike Peters: Vocals, Harmonica, Baritone, Acoustic and electric guitars
Smiley: Drums, Percussion and Backing vocals
James Stevenson: Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Slide guitar, Bass guitar and backing vocal
Jules Jones Peters: Piano and backing vocals
George Williams: Keyboards and Bass guitar

Recorded at Bethel Chapel studios, Wales, Parr Street studios A and C, Liverpool, England, The Doghouse studios, Henley on Thames, England and Monnow Valley, South Wales
Produced and mixed by George Williams. Engineered by Mark Warden (Bethel Chapel and The Doghouse), Tony Draper (Parr Street) and Matt Glasbey (Monnow Valley)

Song Notes

Other Studio Versions of the Song

Album Appearances and discography

Worldwide release:
Equals (catalogue number 21C100 (red vinyl and black vinyl), 21C101 (CD))

Single Appearances and discography

Where The Two Rivers Meet EP (2018, vinyl only, catalogue number 21C099.

Beautiful promo cd single (2018), track 2.

Live Recordings

10 October 2018 – Mike Peters solo live version recorded for National Album Day 2018 at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool, England. Released on Mike Peters in session 2018 CD (catalogue number 21C106). Running time 3:28.

Acoustic Recordings
Alternative Lyrics

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