The Stand (Prophecy) – (Song)

The next track, a one-minute fragment of The Stand, takes some explaining. When we first recorded for IRS, the band didn’t have much money, and neither did the company. So, we recorded The Stand twice, one version for the 7-inch and a longer version, with a fourth verse, for the 12-inch. But we never had enough money to put the 12-inch out, so we took the liberty of putting the fourth verse on the album, without the rest of the song. It completes the lyric, and gives a fuller picture – Mike Peters doing a track by track guide to Declaration – Boston Rock Magazine 1984

This short acoustic version was again recorded live in Abbey Road Studio Two by myself and Dave Sharp. It contains the lyrics to the fourth verse which was left out of The Stand released as part of The Alarm EP. – Mike Peters, Alarm 2000 collection liner notes

This version of The Stand (Prophecy) first appeared on the Declaration album released on 13th February 1984 on Vinyl LP and Cassette.

Declaration album recording
Running length 1:17
Written by Macdonald / Peters / Sharp
Musicians & Credits
Mike Peters – Lead vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Dave Sharp – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals

Backing track recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London NW8, England on 2nd November 1983
Produced & mixed by Alan Shacklock
Engineered by Chris Porter

Alternative studio recording releases ~ Remastered

2000 – The Alarm – The Alarm 2000 Collection Box Set : Declaration Remastered release
Running length 3:18
Musicians & Credits
Mike Peters – Lead vocals, acoustic guitar & harmonica
Dave Sharp – Electric guitar & backing vocals
Remastered from the 1983 original recording by Mike Peters
Remastering Engineered by Gary Butler @ RTS Liverpool in 2000

Album appearances and discography for studio versions

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13th February 1984 The Alarm – Declaration
Released in the UK on vinyl IRSA 7044, cassette IRSC 7044, CD IRS CDA 7044 by IRS Records
Declaration was released on vinyl, cassette and CD in USA, Canada, Japan, Australia. Vinyl only South Korea, New Zealand, Israel, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Europe. Cassette only Netherlands
Original 1983 recording

2000 – The Alarm – Declaration (1984-1985) – Twenty First Century Recording Company – Catalogue number 21C011 (CD). Appearing as part of the Alarm 2000 collection box set and then later as an individual disc. 1983 recorded version remastered.

Officially released live recordings ~ Audio

All the following are Worldwide releases on Twenty First Century Recording Company
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18th April 2014. Recorded at McCabe’s, Santa Monica, California, USA
Running Length 1:47 Mike Peters Solo acoustic
Released on CD in 2014 Mike Peters In Concert at McCabe’s, catalogue number 21C069

Lyrics – Declaration Album

Come roll out the red carpet
Come bugle sound the horn
Cause the hero is returning
Gotta welcome him to his home
Don’t say I didn’t warn you
This prophecy’s a coming true
I can hear the cavalry thundering
Riding over the hill
Riding over the hill

Come on down and meet your maker
Come on down and make the stand
Come on down
Come on down
Come on down we’ll make the stand

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