Second Generation Volume 1 – Rare Songs Of The Alarm Revisited – (Album)

Second Generation Volume 1 – Rare Songs Of The Alarm Revisited is an album released in 1995 by Mike Peters and was released on The Twenty First Century Recording Company label on CD as catalogue number 21C002

“It’s not too late to change the things that we have done”

The origin of this record really started back in 1990, when The Alarm re-recorded Unsafe Building for the Standards greatest hits compilation. I enjoyed the process of tackling that particular song again (and the debate which followed….), and have always wanted to extend the process to some other songs. Second Generation Volume One revisits some of the rarest Alarm songs that, for various reasons, never found their way on to any of The Alarms’ five studio albums. The choice of songs was inspired by all those Alarm/Mike Peters aficionados who have surprised me with their intimate knowledge of the smallest footnotes in The Alarms’ live history. Contained within are songs that would have remained largely unheard if it wasn’t for all those who persisted in requesting to hear a song which had been previously overlooked or discarded due to a recording / arrangement that had never quite worked in the way originally intended

I am especially indebted to all those who have sent me bootleg tapes of early shows / demos / radio sessions that have served as the main reference point to these new works. in particular, Lorenzo Bedini of Montecavolo, Italy, who sent me some early tapes of The Alarm before the band became “produced”. Lorenzo must have the most complete archive of Alarm live tapes / videos in the world. (His collection captures almost every live appearance that The alarm / Mike Peters has ever made). Upon listening, I was enthralled by the naked, raw power which leapt from those tapes and set about recreating this energy as closely as possible. With this in min, I would like to thank Owen Thomas and Mark Phythian for, not only putting up with my obsessive attention to detail during the recording of this album , but also for their dedication and commitment to the spirit of thre project – Album sleeve notes – Mike Peters 1995

Track Listing

Second Generation
Elders & Folklore
Pavilion Steps
What Kind Of Hell

Rose Beyond The Wall
Unbreak The Promise
Reason 41
Up For Murder
The Peace Train (Chant Has Just Begun)

Musicians & Credits
Mike Peters – Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Bass, Harmonica & Vocals
Owen Thomas – Drums

Second Generation Volume One Produced by Michael Peters
Engineered and Mixed by Mark Phythian
Recorded & Mixed at Elevator Studios, Liverpool, England 16,17,18 September 1995

Design & Art Direction by Karl (The Design Doctor) Parsons

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