Studio Albums

A list of studio albums and EP’s produced by the various members of The Alarm and related bands.

The Alarm:  The Stand (1983) EP

The Alarm: Declaration (1984) (album)

The Alarm: Strength (1985) album

The Alarm: Eye Of The Hurricane (1987) album

The Alarm: Change (1989) album

The Alarm: Raw (1991) album

Dave Sharp: Hard Travellin’ (1991) album

Mike Peters: Breathe (1994) album

Mike Peters: Feel Free (1996) album

Dave Sharp: Downtown America (1996) album

Mike Peters: Rise (1998) album

ColourSound: ColourSound (1999)

Mike Peters: Flesh And Blood  (2000) album

The Alarm In The Poppy Fields Bond (2003)

The Alarm: In The Poppy Fields (2004) album

The Alarm: Under Attack (2006)

The Alarm: Counterattack Collective (2007)

The Alarm: Guerilla Tactics (2008)

The Alarm: Direct Action (2010) album

Big Country : The Journey (2013) album

The Alarm : Blood Red (2017)

The Alarm : Viral Black (2017) album

The Alarm: Equals (2018) album

The Alarm: Sigma (2019)

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