RT-Zed are the band formed by Steve Grantley that were previously called RTZ Global. After the departure of Grantley’s bandmate John Magna the name was changed to literally spell out RTZ from the previous name. RTZ was the name on the bands digital recorder as Steve explains “a button you pressed to go back to the start of the track you were recording”. Global was added after the duo discovered an American band active in the early 80’s shared the same name rather than adding a UK suffix as some bands do.

Mostly a duo with guitarist Jonesy they would expand the line up out for live appearances.

The live album “Crunch – Live at the Bullingdon Club” includes 3 cover tracks in order for the audience to have something familiar in amongst all the, at the time of the show, new “Zed Hed” material.

For “Funkpunk” the band introduced a funk element to their sound while maintaining their identity and lyrical themes.

The “lost” second album from RTZ Global “Honour The Barbarian” which had been shelved after the commissioning record label had gone bust was released in 2020 as a self financed album by the band. Rather than using the original name it carried the RT-Zed variant. The album is a cover album of hand picked punk classics.

John Magna rejoined RT-Zed in 2020 and along with bassist Jamie Alleyne the band are working on a new album scheduled for a release in 2021.



Zed Hed (2013)
Invocation, You Are Free, Room No 5, Pretty Ugly, Get What You Want, Jonee, In The Blood, She Was Bad, Beneath The Shadow, Too Far In To Get Out, Everything’s On Sale, Deja Voodoo, Premonition, 11:11

Crunch – Live at the Bullingdon Club (2015) (Live album recorded 2013)
You Are Free, Room No 5, Rebel Rebel, She Was Bad, Jonee, Crazy Horses, No Conspiracy, Pretty Ugly, Saturday Nights Alright (For Fighting), Get What You Want

Funkpunk (2018)
The Disconnect, Clean, Guilty, No Conspiracy, Secure Beneath Watchful Eyes, Got No Style, Smash The Idols, Clone

Honour The Barbarian (2020) (Recorded by RTZ Global in 2002/2003 but not released until 2020 under the RT-Zed banner)
Guns Of Brixton, I Wanna Be Me, New Rose, Blitzkrieg Bop, Orgasm Addict, Pretty Green, Safe AS Houses, Five Minutes, Germfree Addlescents, Babylon Is Burning, Happy House

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