Hard Travellin’ – (Album)

Hard Travellin’ was the first solo album released by Dave Sharp on 27 August 1991

Recorded in six days flat, by the Bob Johnston, the flawless production captured Dave at the top of his game as a songwriter, together with The Barnstormers: Dr Joe De Lorenzo, Rockabilly Billy Penn, Reverend Charlie McIntosh – they created a timeless record that still sounds as good today as it did when it was recorded.

Recorded at a time of change with a bunch of skilled musicians for a backing band. This is a defining piece of work which captures a songwriter enthused by challenges ahead and moving apace in a new direction. “It seemed logical at that time to record my first solo album”, says Dave. “Bob Johnston, whom I was working with at the time, suggested The Barnstormers and I meet up at the Hit Factory in New York City to record. “By the end of one studio session, we pretty much had an album together. We completed it in Nashville later. We called it ‘Hard Travellin’ for good reason”. – from www.davesharp.org

The legendary Bob Johnston knew. He saw it. And he had produced the greats – Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson – everyone. Here’s a note he sent to Dave Sharp after they had recorded Hard Travellin’ together, and Dave was nervous about taking it into IRS, as it was so different to The Alarm. Bob knew.

Transcription – Remember. They are only record men. Not MUSIC men. So go in and hit them over the goddamned head. We know how good it is, and what it can be. My love to Kelly”
(Photo courtesy of Kelly Dougherty supplied to the archive by Graham Lampen)

Released on I.R.S. Records 27 August 1991 – USA Catalogue Number X2 13090. UK Catalogue Number UK.EIRSCD 1059

Track Listing
1. In The City
2. It Ain’t Long For The Day
2. Wonderful World
4. Long Black Night
5. Last Smilin’ Villain From The South
6. New Age Eden
7. Hard Travellin’
8. In The Dead Of The Night
9. Big Road Blue
10. Joey The Jone
11. Homeless Child

Fan Comment – Brian Travis – THIS RECORD. Such a perfect album. I love the production, the musical direction and every song. I’ve listened to it thousands of times

Fan Comment – Lily Elsayed – What a masterpiece. Has totally stood the rest of time and as relevant today. Listen to it all the time

Fan Comment – Graham Lampen It’s a masterpiece. One of the best albums of all time in this genre. I’ve often said If Dylan or Young had released it, it would be held in the same regard as Blood on the Tracks or After the Goldrush. It’s THAT good.

Video & Audio Sources
Audio FileIn The City
Audio File – Wonderful World
Audio FileNew Age Eden
Audio FileHard Travellin’
Audio FileBig Road Blue
Audio FileHomeless Child

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