In The Dead Of The Night

In The Dead Of The Night is a song that features on the Dave Sharp album Hard Travellin’ which was first released on 27th August 1991.

Running length: 5:07
Written By : Dave Sharp
Dave Sharp – Vocals & acoustic guitar

Recorded at the Hit Factory, New York, USA and The Sound Emporium, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Produced by Bob Johnston and Dave Sharp.
Executive Producer by Andy Monroe.
Engineered by Tom Flye. Assistant Engineer by Linell.

Alternative studio recording releases

Album appearances and discography for studio versions

27th August 1991 – Dave SharpHard Travellin’ – IRS Records – Catalogue numbers CD IRS CDP 71 3090 2, cassette EIRSTC 1059 (Europe Release). Original 1991 recording.
Hard Travellin’ was also released on CD (IRS Records – X2 13090) and cassette (IRS Records – X4 13090) USA. Promotional CD (X2 13090) in Japan.

Official released live recordings – Audio


In the dead of the night what is it that you see
In the dead of the night are you strong enough to sleep
In the dead of the night down by a road block
In a ghost town by a broken rock
Each face is the devil, each way you turn
The streets crawl and buildings burn
The sermon is dry, shoulder the plough
Bring it on home, it don’t matter how
These hell hounds are just a trick of the light
In the dead of the night

In the dead of the night what are you going to do
In the dead of the what’s this world coming to
In the dead of the night under a ball and chain
That came down once and will come again
You’re at the mercy of the hour that’s suckin’ you dry
You better pray to the lord for a breath of life
And when the wind blows in, burn the candle twice
Reach for the shield and sharpen a knife
Cut fire and ice with a kiss of life
In the dead of the night

In the dead of the night why does it have to be
In the dead of the night who do you choose to believe
In the dead of the night, we don’t got no angels here
For to bless this house or break the seventh seal
Or hear the call of the west or greet the fall of the east
Or these rusten stones on this bed of disease
Ain’t no law ever been made that’s gonna settle the game
Go ahead n’ steal what is yours, everybody’s doing the same
On this run away train ridin’ out of line
In the dead of the night

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