Ysgarlad – (Song)

Ysgarlad is the Welsh language version of Scarlet and first appeared on the Newid album released on 18th September 1989. The recording is the original backing track from Change with the new Welsh vocal replacing the original lead vocal

1989 Newid recording details
Running length 4:14
Written by Macdonald / Peters

Musicians & Credits
Mike Peters – Lead Vocals
Dave Sharp – Electric Guitar
Eddie Macdonald – Bass Guitar
Nigel Twist – Drums, Percussion
Mark Taylor – Korg M1 synthesiser

Recorded 18th May 1989 at The Skylight Suite, London, England
Welsh vocals recorded 13th-15th July 1989
Mixed at Good Earth Studio, London, England in June/July 1989
Produced & Engineered by Tony Visconti

Album appearances and discography of studio recording

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UK Release

18th September 1989 The Alarm – Newid
Released on vinyl in the UK by IRS Records, catalogue number IRSAW 1020
Original 1989 Album recording

Japan Release

1990 The Alarm – Newid
Released on CD in Japan by IRS Records, catalogue number VICP-26
Original 1989 Album recording


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