Time – (Song)

Time was first released on the Blood Red album in 2017. A reworked studio version was released on the album Sigma in 2019. This main post covers the Blood red version, see Other Studio Versions below for the Sigma version. An acoustic version of Time was the title track of the Time 1981-2021 album/EP/ in 2020, this release was a precursor to the History Repeating anthology released in 2021.

Running length 5:05
Written by Mike Peters
Musicians & Credits
Mike Peters – Vocals, Harmonica, Acoustic & Electric guitar, E-bow, Electro Harmonix Mel9
James Stevenson – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Steve “Smiley” Barnard – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Jules Jones Peters – Piano, Backing Vocals
George Williams – Keyboards, Bass Guitar

Recorded at Bethel Chapel Studios, Dyseth, Wales, Doghouse studios, Henley-On-Thames, England, Parr Street Studio A, Liverpool, England
Produced and mixed by George Williams
Engineered by Mark Warden
Mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studio, London NW8, England

Other Studio Versions of the Song – reworked Sigma studio version

Running time: 3:38


Mike Peters: Vocals, Harmonica, Baritone, Acoustic and electric guitars

Smiley: Drums, Percussion and Backing vocals

James Stevenson: Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Slide guitar, Bass guitar and backing vocals

Jules Jones Peters: Piano and backing vocals

George Williams: Keyboards and Bass guitar

Recorded at Bethel Chapel studios, Wales, Parr Street studis A and C, Liverpool, The Doghouse studios, Henley on Thames, Monnow Valley, South Wales, Elevator Studios, Liverpool

Produced and mixed by George Williams. Engineered by Mark Warden (Bethel Chapel and The Doghouse), Tony Draper (Parr Street) and Matt Glasbey (Monnow Valley), Tom Roche (Elevator)

Album Appearances and discography

Worldwide release:

Blood Red version: 2017 – Blood Red (catalogue number 21C085 (CD), 21C085LP (vinyl))

Sigma version: 2019 – Sigma (catalogue number 21C103 (CD), 21C104 (vinyl))

Single Appearances and discography

Side A, track 2 on the Time 7″ single (2020) catalogue number 21C117. Track 18 on the CD EP version, catalogue number 21C116.

Live Recordings

Acoustic Recordings

Blood red in session acoustic version (2017) released on Blood red in session cd (catalogue number 21C088). Running time 2:36.

Time acoustic version (2020) released on Time 1981-2021 album/EP (catalogue number 21C116 (CD album), 21C117 (7″ EP))

[Verse 1]
I give you everything, everything you need
All that I have, everything you see
I carry it all with me

This is your life
These are your days
So take them and run while you can
While you've still got time

[Verse 2]
The colour of your eyes, the feeling of your skin
The beating of your heart, the soul within you
Love can never be parted

This is your life
These are your days (Your days)
So make them the best you can
While you've still got time
While you've still got time

[Verse 3]
Over the words you said, or have never spoken
The days we had, more than I could ever have wanted

This is your life
These are your days (Your days)
So make them the best while you can
While you've still got time
While you've still got time

You're all I've got left to live for, time
You can't take it all with you, time
It's all I've got left to live for
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