The Normal Rules Do Not Apply – (Song)

The Normal Rules Do Not Apply is a song that was recorded in 2001 and first appeared on the In The Poppy Fields Bond #2 –  The Normal Rules Do Not Apply released in 2003

“I woke up on the morning of September 11 2001 full of hope and optimism and decided to continue work on the recording of “The Normal Rules Do Not Apply”. I was deep into the session when Jules called me to get to a television as soon as possible and explained that a plane had struck the World Trade Centre in New York. By the time I got to the nearby Whistlestop Cafe, the second plane had hit and as people huddled around the small screen watching in shock, I decided to go home to be close to Jules and watch the drama unfold. It felt like our world was about to change forever and in so many ways since, it did.I couldn’t bring myself to record the next day as I didn’t really know where to start and on September 13th, I was due to have a meeting with a TV production company to record some incidental music for a new documentary and decided to keep the meeting.” – Mike Peters

2001 In The Poppy Fields Bond recording
Running length tbc
Written by Mike Peters

Musicians & Credits
Mike Peters – Vocals, Guitars
James Stevenson –Electric Guitar & Ebow
Richard LLewellyn– Bass Guitar
Steve Grantley – Drums
Steve McElroy – Strings
Mark O’Grady – Effects

Recorded 2001
Produced by Mike Peters with Martin Wilding, Mike Jones & Mark O’Grady
Mixed by Martin Wilding
Mastered by Gary Butler at RTS Liverpool

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