The Message – (Song)

The Message is a song by Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five released as a single in July 1982. In 1994 Mike Peters recorded a version of the song for his debut solo album Breathe. The song would then be rerecorded or mixed to appear on Feel Free and Rise

One of my first major influences as a musician were The Clash who were always a challenge to their audience. They have to take the credit for bringing Rap to the U.K. I remember the hostility when they had Grandmaster Flash open for them on one of their early tours, a hostility which turned to admiration upon the release of ‘The Message’. The production is deliberately lo-fi, in fact the whole track was recorded and mixed in only a few hours, I may have had all the time in the world to record the album but sometimes speed creates an excitement all of it’s own – Mike Peters Breathe Album Press Release 1994

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