Gathering 02 – (Event)

The Gathering 2.
Held at Rhyl Town Hall, Rhyl Wales

Friday 17th December 1993 – Acoustic in the round Mike Peters solo.
Saturday 18th December 1993 – Afternoon video shoot for the Back Into The System Video.
Saturday 18th December 1993 – Full electric performance of Mike Peters and The Poets.
Band line Up : Mike Peters, Chris Lewis (aka Field Marshall Slug), Brychan Llŷr, Emyr Penlan, Jules Jones-Peters, Owen Thomas.

I returned from the ‘Back Into The System’ video shoot which had taken me around the globe in 8 frantic days to appear at the opening night of the second annual Gathering. The Twenty One song Friday night acoustic show proved to be a revelation to many, myself included. I learnt a lot about myself that night, the songs from my back pages sounded fresher than ever and set the seal for me to be able to celebrate the past alongside the future. The future was laid out before an expectant audience during the Saturday night electric performance. The lights went down the show was back on the road and 1994 lay ahead…. (Mike Peters from Gathering To Gathering)

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