Tân – (Album)

Tân is the Welsh language version of the Raw album. Unlike Newid the vocals were recorded over a longer period and includes the backing vocals in Welsh. Some oft the versions of the songs are also slightly different edits and mixes This album was released on the same day as Raw on 22nd April 1991 sold predominately in Wales but could be ordered in other record shops. A notable difference on the release is the change of songs with Dave’s three songs removed and additional versions of The Road, Unsafe Building and Happy Xmas – War Is Over added

Musicians & Credits
Mike Peters – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Dave Sharp – Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Harmonica
Eddie Macdonald – Bass Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Feedback
Nigel Twist – Drums, Percussion
Rob Storm – Hammond Organ

UK CD Album release
Released by Crai records catalogue number Crai CD 014

Track Listing
1. Y Ffordd (The Road)
2. Y Gwynt Sy’n Chwythu ‘Ngeiriau I (The Wind Blows Away My Words)
3. Eiliadau Fel Hyn (Moments In Time)
4. Rocio Yn Ein Rhyddid (Rocking In The Free World)
5. Tân (Raw)
6. Dyfnach Na’r Dyfroedd (Hell Or High Water)
7. Tywys Fi Drwy’r Tywyllwch (Lead Me Through The Darkness)
8, Fel Mae’r Afon (Let The River Run Its Course)
9. Crynu Dan Fy Nhraed (Unsafe Building)
10. Nadolig Llawen (Merry Christmas – War Is Over)

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