Still Unsafe

This is the third track of the WAЯ album officially released on 26th February 2021. A live band version of song was performed for the first time at Rockfield Studios, Wales and broadcast as a premiere on The Alarm Central platform on 27th February 2021.

The writing and recording process :
18th January 2021 – The beginnings of Still Unsafe starts to take shape revealed on guitar and piano as inspiration hits from nowhere after Mike’s morning walk with Jules and Ziggy.

19th January 2021- Mike and Jules start to work on the Still Unsafe idea with piano parts backing up the acoustic and vocal part.

25th January – Zoom call with Mike, Smiley and George starting work on the recording of Still Unsafe. The zoom call discusses the structure and the plans for laying down the idea into a band format. Piano added by Jules and Drums added by Smiley is heard as a work in progress.
26th January 2021 – New Album Recording Day 7. The zoom call starts with a bit more discussion on the development of Still Unsafe and how Mike sees it being played live. 

WAЯ album recording details
Running length : 4:03
Written by : Mike Peters

Musicians & Credits
Mike Peters – Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Steve “Smiley” Barnard – Drums, Percussion
James Stevenson – Electric Guitar
George Williams – Bass Guitar, keyboards
Jules Jones Peters – Piano

Produced and Mixed by George Williams
Recorded at Crusader Studio, Dyseth, Wales, Sunshine Corner Studios, Fleet England, Alycat Studios, Blackpool, England, Pink Gun Studio, London, England
Mixed by George Williams at Rock Hard Studios, Blackpool
Mastered by Howie Weinberg in Los Angeles

Album Appearance and discography for studio version

All the following are Worldwide releases on Twenty First Century Recording Company
(Except where stated)

26th February 2021 – The Alarm – WAЯ – Catalogue number 21C122. This is the original 2021 recording.
Released on CD-r, Loaded CD, Hand Cut Vinyl and digital download.

Lyrics – WAЯ album

When does a fire burn itself out
When can you say it’s all over
When do you stop believing
It’s a fate and a curse
I’m still unsafe
Unsound, unknown
I’ve been condemned
For being unsafe

When does a river run it’s course
When the end is in sight
It’s sometimes better to say nothing at all
That’s not what this is all about
No no
Still unsafe
Unsound, unknown
I’ve been condemned
For being unsafe

Come out of the cupboard into the real world
Open the window let some light light light into your life

When does the car run out of fuel
When no one keeps their eye on the gauge
I’ve burned all my bridges, put the fires out
So they could still be crossed
I’m still unsafe
Unsound, unknown
I’m still unsafe
Unsound, unknown
I’m still unsafe
I’ve been condemned
I’m still unsafe

(Written by Mike Peters January 2021)

Audio & Visual sources

Video Link – Working development video broadcast 27th January 2021 on the official The Alarm Youtube page
Audio Link – From the official The Alarm Youtube channel

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