Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle is a city in in Washington State, USA where The Alarm, Mike Peters (solo), Dead Men Walking have performed live. Dead Men Walking have also performed a special in-store event at Easy Street Records.

22nd February 1984 : The Alarm – Center Arena, Seattle, Washington, USA
Band line up : Mike Peters, Dave Sharp, Eddie Macdonald, Nigel Twist
Supporting The Pretenders “Learning To Crawl” tour. The Alarm were touring to support the Declaration album

28th March 1986 :
The Alarm : Center Arena, Seattle, Washington, USA
Supporting Pat Benatar on the Seven The Hard Way Tour
Band line up : Mike Peters, Dave Sharp, Eddie Macdonald, Nigel Twist

8th November 1989 : The Alarm – Parker’s, Seattle, Washington, USA
Band line up : Mike Peters, Dave Sharp, Eddie Macdonald, Nigel Twist

6th September 1998 : Mike Peters (solo) – Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, Washington, USA
Other acts playing on this date – Eric Bogosian, fJoan Baez, RL Burnside, Steel Pulse, God Lives Underwater, 60s rockers ? and the Mysterians, Doug Elkins Dance Company, Leonard Eto, New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars.

4th November 1999 : Mike Peters (solo) – Fenix Above Ground, Seattle, Washington, USA
Resurrection our with The Mission and Gene Loves Jezebel

22nd October 2000 : Mike Peters/Alarm 2000 – Ballard Firehouse, Seattle, Washington, USA
Band line up : Mike Peters, James Stevenson, Richard Llewellyn, Steve Grantley
Fan Review by Rick Lavender
For the first time since 1989, Seattle rocked to the music of my personal favourite band. No, not the Bay City Rollers, not N’Sync, not even ABBA. It was treated to a show featuring the songs of the ALARM. I think it was only the original singer unfortunately, I would have loved to seen “the four lads” shake the greatest rock and roll city in the world to its foundation. They were billed as The Alarm 2000 if I am not mistaken. Unfortunately also they were not the headliners they so richly
deserved to be. That didn’t stop them from whipping the very near capacity crowd into a frenzy. All the hits made an appearance and even some songs the less fanatical folks in the crowd may have never heard. Although the set lasted just about an hour, it was plenty, long to make fans out of those in attendance that may have never heard of The Alarm or their music. Mike and the boys seemed to be in top form after a well deserved day off. The energy level was as high as I can remember it being back in the day when it was the original four.

5th May 2015 : Dead Men Walking – Easy Street Records in West Seattle, Washington, USA – In-store live performance and signing session
Band Line Up : Mike Peters, Slim Jim Phantom, Captain Sensible, Chis Cheney

5th May 2015 : Dead Men Walking – Crocodile Cafe,, Seattle, Washington, USA
Band Line Up : Mike Peters, Slim Jim Phantom, Captain Sensible, Chis Cheney

8th August 08 2017 : The Alarm Triple Door, Seattle, Washington, USA
Band line up : Mike Peters, James Stevenson, Paul Davis, Jules Jones Peters
This was two live performances to two different sets of audiences
Set list 1 : Unsafe Building, Declaration / Marching On, Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?, Anarchy In The UK, Spirit of 76, Walk Forever By My Side, Rain In The Summertime, Rescue Me, Sold Me Down The River, Rockin’ In The Freeworld, 45 RPM, Sixty Eight Guns, (Encore) Blaze Of Glory, Strength
Set list 2 : Shout To The Devil, Declaration / Marching On, Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?, Sixty Eight Guns, The Deceiver, The Stand, Rain In The Summertime, Sold Me Down The River, Moments In Time, 45 RPM, Superchannel, Without A Fight, Spirit Of ’76, (Encore) Blaze Of Glory, Strength, Two Rivers

Review from
A Bush fire on the Interstate 5 nearly derailed the proceedings but Tour Manager Andy Labrow used his navigational skills to work a way into Seattle itself, just in time for soundcheck. It was a frantic hour getting everything ready for the show. At 7:30 the group hit the stage led by Mike Peters who introduced the set list with ‘Unsafe Building’ before strumming the intro to ‘Declaration’, with the drums of Paul Davis and bass of James Stevenson heralding the start of ‘Marching On’. Mike took great joy in recounting the story of how The Alarm’s ‘playing card’ ritual had first come into play during a Top Of The Pops appearance in 1984, and invited audience volunteers onto the stage to throw their cards during the ‘All cards are marked, all fates will collide’ trigger point. An impromptu ‘Anarchy In The UK’ was fired off to highlight the impact the original ‘Spirit of ’76’ UK punk rock era played in allowing The Alarm to become the group it has been and still is, as it blasted out an urgent performance of the classic Alarm anthem. An emotional and acoustic ‘Walk Forever’ was met with a superb rendition of ‘Rain In The Summertime’, with drummer Paul Davis complimenting the James Stevenson guitar counterpoint superbly. The crystal clear vocals of Mike Peters were drenched in delay against layers of lush strings conjured up by Jules Jones Peters from her effective Korg keyboard station. The connection with the audience was by now immense and the temperature was ramped up by the introduction of live favourite ‘Rescue Me’ followed by the proto-blues of ‘Sold Me Down The River’. Even the oft-neglected ‘Raw’ album was represented with a powerful ‘Rockin’ In The Freeworld’ which was punctuated by a pre-song story from Mike about how the band played ‘Freeworld’ in Seattle for the very first time (even before writer Neil Young!), back in 1989. The story of The Alarm was brought up to date with the introduction of ’45 RPM’ and Mike asking for hands of 4 fingers and 5 – a request that was duly obliged by all. The set closed out with an original ‘Declaration’ style version of ‘Sixty Eight Guns’ which featured great interplay between the band and audience as the strobe lights flickered and flashed. ‘Blaze Of Glory’ and ‘Strength’ were encored, and an hour later the band was back on stage to perform again for another audience.

This time the set began with ‘Shout To The Devil’ and a one, two punch of ‘Marching On’ that segued into the middle section and chorus of ‘Where Were You Hiding?’ as performed on the Vans Warped Tour. It was clear that everything was going to be different, even the end of ‘Hiding’ was punctuated with the opening fanfare from ‘Sixty Eight Guns’, only for the band to play the more modern version that slow builds through the double verse into the first chorus. ‘The Deceiver’ got an outing that was followed by a purely acoustic one man band version of ‘The Stand’ with Mike stopping half way through to tell the tale of Joe Strummer of The Clash (and Joe’s confession to long time Alarm fan Graham Lampen), that he was indeed a ‘secret Alarm admirer’. It was engaging stuff. ‘Rain In The Summertime’ and ‘Sold Me Down The River’ were carried over from the first set, but then Mike broke into a spontaneous ‘Moments In Time’ that stopped at the line “I remember it now like it was yesterday, playing this guitars at a frantic pace”, before opening up the electric channel on his Auden six string and letting loose a powerhouse trio of modern Alarm classics – ’45 RPM’, ‘Superchannel’ and ‘Without A Fight’. It was back to where it all started for set finisher ‘Spirit Of ’76’. The band came out for an encore of ‘Blaze Of Glory’, ‘Strength’ tempered with a glimpse of the future by finishing up with ‘Two Rivers’.

Mike Peters, James Stevenson, Paul Davis and Jules Jones Peters did The Alarm and the two audiences proud in Seattle. Delivering two sets of high intensity and passion, both performed with grace, emotion, good humour and diverse set lists that honoured both the past and the future, allowing the quality of the musicianship and songwriting to come to the fore.

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