Pastures Of Plenty

This is a cover of the Woody Guthrie song written in 1941 describing the travails and dignity of migrant workers in North America.

IRS wanted to release Rescue Me as a UK single in December 1987 while we were going to be on tour in the US and so we had to record some more tracks for b-sides. Also, IRS needed the titles of the songs for the artwork before we actually had the chance to record them. We had decided to cover another Woody Guthrie song Pastures of Plenty. (Mike Peters, Alarm 2000 collection sleeve notes).

We recorded the sessions at Ezee Studios while we prepared to go on tour. We had managed to put all the bad feelings that had arisen during the previous year behind us and were able to concentrate on being The Alarm again. We really enjoyed these sessions – just being left alone to create our music and play as a band without any outside pressures. (Mike Peters, Alarm 2000 collection sleeve notes).

Running length: tbc
Written By: Guthrie
Dave Sharp – Lead vocals & acoustic guitar
Mike Peters – Acoustic guitar

Backing track recorded 25th October 1987 at Ezee Studios, London, England
Produced by The Alarm. Engineered by Gary Bradshaw.

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