Norwich, England – (Gigs)

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Norwich is a city in England where the The Alarm, Mike Peters & Poets of Justice, Mike Peters (solo), Dead Men Walking, Big Country have played live at various venues

(v) 14th February 1990 : The Alarm – University of East Anglia, Norwich, England
No Frontiers Tour
The Alarm : Mike Peters, Dave Sharp, Eddie Macdonald, Nigel Twist, Mark Taylor
With Support from Salvation

(v) 22nd March 1991 : The Alarm – University of East Anglia, Norwich, England
Raw Tour
The Alarm : Mike Peters, Dave Sharp, Eddie Macdonald, Nigel Twist
Support from Looking For Adam

(v) 5th November 1992 : Mike Peters and The Poets of Justice – The Oval Rockhouse, Norwich, England
Exodus Tour
Mike Peters and The Poets of Justice : Mike Peters, Ethan Johns, Dave Watkins-Clarke, Martyn Barker, Jules Jones-Peters
Set List : Can’t Get Through To You, Poetic Justice, One World Exodus, The Stand, We Are The Light, This Ain’t Love This Is War, It’s A Beautiful Thing, Levi’s and Bibles, Don’t Get Any Better Than This, Into The 21st Century, All I Wanted, Spiritual, I Want What The World Can’t Give Me, Unsafe Building, Unstoppable, Can’t Get Through To You

4th June 1995 : Mike Peters – University of East Anglia, Norwich, England
Mike Peters solos acoustic
Supporting The Stranglers on their 20th Anniversary Tour

12th April 2011 : Big Country – The Waterfront, Norwich, England
Dreams Stay With Me Tour
Big Country : Mike Peters, Bruce Watson, Jamie Watson, Tony Butler, Mark Brzezicki

(v) 17th March 2022 : The Alarm – The Waterfront, Norwich, England
40th Anniversary Red Poppy Tour 1982-2022
The Alarm : Mike Peters, James Stevenson, Steve “Smiley” Barnard, Jules Jones-Peters
Support from Dave Sharp solo acoustic performance
Dave Sharp set included: Hard Travellin’, Last Smilin’ Villain From The South, Big Road Blue, One Step Closer To Home
The Alarm Set List : Protect and Survive, Absolute Reality, 45 R.P.M., Fail, Rain In The Summertime, Superchannel, Safe From Harm, Two Rivers, Breathe, 21st Century, In The Poppy Fields, The Stand, Deeside, Beautiful, The Deceiver, Majority, Third Light, Shout To The Devil, For Freedom, Marching On, Close, Unsafe Building, Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?, Knife Edge, Walk Forever By My Side, My Town, Sixty Eight Guns, Spirit of ’76, Rescue Me, Blaze of Glory, In The Poppy Fields (reprise). Sold Me Down The River, Warriors

Fan comments :
They played from 9 to 11 but the venue has an 11pm curfew so they could possibly choose to go on for longer in other places. They were relentless, though, so many songs and they just kept powering on. Absolutely amazing! – Susi Barber
~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~
First gig in two years was awesome! Cracking set and the crowd were in good voice (don’t think I will have any voice left tomorrow) – Zenda Madge

(Set list from Dean Smith, pictures by Dean Smith and Susi Barber)

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