Music Will Keep Us Strong – (Album)

Music Will Keep Us Strong is an album released in September 2020 as The Alarm released on The Twenty First Century Recording Company label as catalogue number 21C118

The Alarm – Music Will Keep Us Strong – Big Night In 4 x CD Collection features every single one of the 116 Big Night In Mike Peters acoustic performances between March and July 2020, with stunning studio sound and a host of classic, rare and important songs from The Alarm’s body of musical works assembled over 4 decades by Mike Peters – singer songwriter. Season One was a huge success watched by over 480,000 Alarm fans from all around the globe, with a host of special guests, some incredible video content and 116 Mike Peters acoustic performances from the iconic Jukebox stage, which are all featured on the brand-new Music Will Keep Us Strong 4 x CD collection

The Alarm – The Music Will Keep Us Strong CD Collection is the soundtrack of the Global Lockdown, guaranteed to take listeners back to those days when we were all confined to quarters with the internet and music to unite us, keep us strong and hopeful for a return to the life we all know and love

The Alarm – Music Will Keep Us Strong
The Complete Big Night In Lockdown Sessions 2020
Over 100 songs performed by Mike Peters
Season 1

Disc One

Episode One: Broadcast 21st March 2020
We Are The Light, Lie Of The Land, The Rock, In The Beauty Of My Surroundings, Cenotaph, Beautiful, Unsafe Building, Marching On. Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?, Sixty Eight Guns
Episode Two: Broadcast 28th March 2020
Right Back Where I Started From, My Town, In A Big Country, World On Fire, Deeside, Majority, Howling Wind, Elders And Folklore, No Better Than This, Blaze Of Glory
Episode Three: Broadcast 4th April 2020
Only The Thunder, Street Of A Thousand Faces, Bells Of Rhymney, Breathe, Be Still, The Wind Blows Away My Words, Absolute Reality
Episode Four: Broadcast 11th April 2020
Poetic Justice, Rain In The Summertime

Disc Two
Episode Four: Broadcast 11th April 2020
Broken Silence, Maggie May/Stand Down Margaret/Maggie’s Farm, Rescue Me, Love Hope Strength, One Step Closer To Home, Rockin’ In The Free World
Episode Five: Broadcast 18th April 2020
Peace Now, Knife Edge, Presence Of Love, A Breed Apart, Alarm Calling, The Normal Rules Do Not Apply, Permanence In Change, No Frontiers
Episode Six: Broadcast 25th April 2020
Time, Second Generation, Hellfire, Marching On, Walk Forever By My Side, Rise, My Calling, Flesh And Blood, Love And Understanding, After The Rock And Roll Has Gone
Episode Seven: Broadcast 2nd May 2020
Twenty First Century, What The World Can’t Give Me, Regeneration

Disc Three
Episode Seven: Broadcast 2nd May 2020
Feel Free, Transcendental, The Unexplained, Superchannel, Without A Fight
Episode Eight: Broadcast 9th May 2020
Close, St. David’s Day, New Home New Life, World On Fire, Reason 41, In The Poppy Fields, Golden Brown
Episode Nine: Broadcast 16th May 2020
Devolution Working Man Blues, When Everything Was Perfect, Badge Of Honour [Part One], Two Rivers
Episode Ten: Broadcast 23rd May 2020
All Seeing, You’re Only Young [And Innocent] Once, I Never Left I Only Went Away, Hail And Farewell, The Road, Unsafe Building, The Stand, Sixty Eight Guns, Where Were You Hiding?, Absolute Reality, Strength
Episode Eleven: Broadcast 30th May 2020
The Rock And Roll, It’s Alright It’s Ok, This Is The Way We Are

Disc Four
Episode Eleven: Broadcast 30th May 2020
Spirit Of’76, Rain In The Summertime, Rescue Me, Sold Me Down The River, A New South Wales, Happy Xmas [War Is Over]
Episode Twelve: Broadcast 6th June 2020
History Repeating, For Freedom, Strength To Strength, A New Chapter, Down The Road, Swansong, Blood Red Viral Black
Episode Thirteen: Broadcast 13th June 2020
Peace Agreement, Rain Down, Terms And Conditions, This Is Life [Get Used To It], Rip, First Light
Episode Fourteen: Broadcast 20th June 2020
Dead Man Blues, The Devil’s Music, One Guitar, 45 RPM
Episode Fifteen: Broadcast 27th June 2020
In Circles, State Of Independence, Situation Under Control
Episode Sixteen: Broadcast 4th July 2020
Love And Understanding, Neutral

Album Credits
Recorded by Mike Peters
Presented by Jules Peters
Big Night Broadcast produced by Andy ‘Over in Bury’ Labrow
Artwork by Dan Shearn

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