Mike Peters – In Concert At McCabe’s – (Album)

Track listing
Story 1- Riot Clothing
Unsafe Building
Story 2 – Qusimodo
Up for Murder
Story 3 – Sex Pistols
Spirit of ’76
Story 4 – Eric’s Liverpool
Lie Of The Land
Story 5 – The Troubles
Across The Border
Story 6 – The War Tour
The Stand
Story 7 – Victoria Hotel
Shout To The Devil
Story 8 – The Smiths
Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?
Story 9 – Choir
Tell Me
Story 10 – Dylan Thomas
Howling Wind
Story 11 – Today
We Are The Light
Story 12 – Horizons Sing
The Deceiver
The Stand [Prophecy}
Story 13 – First World War
Third Light
Story 14 – Glasgow Street Gangs
Sixty Eight Guns [Unabridged]
Story 15 – Woody Guthrie
Marching On
Blaze Of Glory
Moments In Time
Absolute Reality
Rain In The Summertime
Sold Me Down The River
Rescue Me
One Guitar

The complete album can be listened to in the audio section of The Alarm Central web platform

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