From The Alarm – (Band)

“From The Alarm” was a live set showcasing the solo material of Craig Adams, James Stevenson and Steve “Smiley” Barnard at Gathering 23 in 2015 on the Saturday night before the full band performance. The band for From The Alarm were Craig Adams (bass & vocals), Smiley (drums and then guitar & vocals for his segment), James Stevenson (guitar & vocals), Mark Taylor (keyboards) & Matt Peach (guitar). This core band was then augmented with the inclusion of Elizabeth Westwood & Tracie Hunter (backing vocals) for James’ & Smileys’ segments and completed by David D’Andrade (guitar), Jan Havard Melsaeter (drums) and Kerry Schultz (vocals) for the closing Smiley segment.

Craig Adams played “Victory” and one other song.

James Stevenson played “Twilight Riders”, “Suzie’s Problems” & “Go Mister”.

Steve “Smiley” Barnard played “End Of The World”, “You Say” & “Hide And Seek”.

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