Eponymous | The Alarm – (EP)

Eponymous, as it became known, first appeared as a 12″ vinyl EP release in the USA in 1983. It was used to help promote the band’s appearance for the first time in 1983 when they played in the USA for the first time supporting U2 on the War Tour. At that point there had been no releases in the USA so the record company put together an EP from the UK single releases.

1983 Eponymous The Alarm
Track Listing.

Side 1
The Stand
Across The Border
Side 2
Marching On
Lie Of The Land
For Freedom (live)

The 12″ vinyl EP was released in:
USA and Canada I.R.S. Records, ‎catalogue number SP-70504
Europe (I.R.S. Records ‎– ILP 25573
There was also a cassette version released in the USA and Canada – I.R.S. Records ‎– CS70504

In 2000 as part of the Alarm 2000 collection the songs released between 1981 and 1983 were group together as an extended CD called The Alarm|Eponymous 1981-1983

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