Electric Folklore Live – (Album)

Electric Folklore was the first office live album released by The Alarm in 1988 ass the songs on the original 1998 releases were recorded at The Wang Centre for Performing Arts, Boston, Massachusetts , USA 26th April 1988

Electric Folklore Live 1988

Musicians & Credits
Mike Peters – Lead Vocals, Electro-Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Dave Sharp – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Eddie Macdonald – Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backing vocals
Nigel Twist – Drums, Backing vocals
Mark Taylor – Keyboards
Recorded at The Wang Centre for Performing Arts, Boston, Massachusetts , USA 26th April 1988
Produced by Gary Katz
Mixed at SorcererSound, New York, USA by Elliot Scheiner
Art Direction Nick Egan
Design Tracey Veal
Photography Ebet Roberts and Cary Lander

Track listing
Side One
1. Rescue Me
2. Strength
3. Rain In The Summertime
Side Two
4. Spirit Of 76
5. Permanence In Change
6. Blaze Of Glory

Electric Folklore [Live] 1987-1988 2000 – Remaster
In 2000 Electric Folklore [Live] was remastered by Mike Peters with additional tracks recorded in 1987 in The Vic Theatre, Chicago Illinois, USA This album was released by Twenty First Century Recording Company on CD as catalogue number 21C014. Originally only available as part of the Alarm2000 collection box set (catalogue number 21C018) it was later made available for sale at gigs as a single disc

Remastered in the Year 2000 by Mike Peters
Remastering engineering by Gary Butler @ RTS Liverpool
Alarm 2000 Artwork by Karl “The Design Doctor” Parsons & Mike Peters

Track Listing
1. Strength (The Wang Centre, Boston 1988)
2. Knife Edge (The Vic Theatre, Chicago 1987)
3. Newtown Jericho (The Vic Theatre, Chicago 1987)
4. Permanence In Change (The Wang Centre, Boston 1988)
5. Dawn Chorus (The Vic Theatre, Chicago 1987)
6. Blaze Of Glory (The Wang Centre, Boston 1988)
7. Bound For Glory (The Vic Theatre, Chicago 1987)
8. Hallowed Ground (The Vic Theatre, Chicago 1987)
9. One Step Closer To Home (The Vic Theatre, Chicago 1987)
10. Shelter (The Vic Theatre, Chicago 1987)
11. Rain In The Summertime (The Wang Centre, Boston 1988)
12.Rescue Me (The Wang Centre, Boston 1988)
13. Spirit of ’76 (The Wang Centre, Boston 1988)
14. We Are The Light (The Vic Theatre, Chicago 1987)

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