Don’t Let Go – (Single)

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The first ever single release by Mike Peters, Dave Sharp, Eddie Macdonald and Nigel Buckle (Twist) was as Seventeen. This is often quoted as released in 1979 but when looking through various sources it suggests the “official” release was on 31st March 1980. It appears the single was pressed in 1979 and sent to promoters to help secure gigs in late 1979. It is suggested that just 2,000 copies of this single were produced

The 7″ vinyl single was released on Vendetta Records of London, catalogue number VD001

The 7″ single featured Don’t Let Go on the a-side and Bank Holiday Weekend on the b-side. On both tracks Mike Peters plays bass guitar and performs lead vocals, Eddie Macdonald guitar, keyboards and vocals, Dave Sharp guitar, Nigel Buckle drums. The single is produced by Neil Richmond with the executive producer being Jack Roberts

Seventeen: Don’t Let Go / Bank Holiday Weekend (Vendetta)
Seventeen hail from Rhyl, North Wales. Have gigged around for about six months (inc. Music Machine and Venue) and now here’s their first single. It comes to something you’re glad NOT to have PROMO pictures of a band so you can’t even see if they’re ready-boxed … anyway if Seventeen are mods (and the lyrics of Weekend point to it) then they’ve made the best record to come out of that whole debacle. This is assured, melodic and explosive with a dynamite production and I can’t wait to hear the LP Best of British it comes from. Maybe a nod to The Jam here and there but it they’re only as old as the name this lot are teen prodigies – Review Zig-Zag magazine issue 98 1980

For many years this was the only official release of this song, at record fairs and through mail order sources, changing hands for between £30-£70 as a guide, depending on interest in the band and how the record collecting market was at the time. Even after all these years the original release is still well sought after by record collectors, not only Alarm fans but also in Mod circles

Don’t Let Go was due to appear on an album called Best of British, but this was never released, however a compilation Called Best of British Vendetta Records The Missing Hits 1979 was released in Japan in 2006 and features the two tracks taken from this single

During the late 1980’s a bootleg pressing of this single appeared and would sell more in the region of £5-£10. This bootleg appears to be an exact replica of the recording of the original single. This bootleg appeared on both black and red vinyl with the cover artwork saying The Alarm rather than Seventeen. These bootleg features an a-side of Let Go and Bank Holiday (studio) and a b-side of Marching On and Howling Wind (live) recorded in California in 1981, which is not accurate as The Alarm did play in the USA until 1983 as support to U2 on The War Tour

In 2002 the original single was released for the first time since 1980 on Vinyl Japan, catalogue number PAD78, the artwork is almost identical to the original release and there have been occasions when this reissue has appeared on online auction sites claiming to be the original 1980 version, as this newer release value is lower when sold. The differences are on the rear of the sleeve showing the new catalogue number, Vinyl Japan logo, extra production details and a bar code. The labels are also of a different design

The Vinyl Japan release also has a lyric sheet inserted which was not part of the original 1979/80 version

The two songs from this single appeared on the 2002 released Seventeen album A Flashing Blur of Stripped Down Excitement released by Vinyl Japan on vinyl and CD which can be listened to on The Alarm Central platform in the audio section

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