Blood Red – (Album)

Studio album by Mike Peters and The Alarm, first released in 2017. It was released on cd, vinyl (limited) and an ultra limited art package of 100 copies including both the vinyl and the cd, and a unique piece of art by Mike Peters. The bundle that came with the art package also included the Blood red (in session) cd, the There must be a way 7″ vinyl and the There must be a way cd single.

The vinyl version was re-released together with a vinyl version of Viral Black in 200 numbered copies in a clear gatefold plastic sleeve, each copy individually numbered and signed by Mike Peters and including an art board.

Track listing (CD version):
Tomorrow – 3:06
Coming backwards – 3:43
There must be a way – 3:46
Time – 5:05
Love and understanding – 3:56
Brighter than the sun – 3:32
Protection – 4:22
Tear apart – 4:10
No greater love – 3:59
Crowd trouble – 3:44

Track listing (vinyl version):

  1. Tomorrow – 3:06
  2. Coming backwards – 3:43
  3. There must be a way – 3:46
  4. Time – 5:05
  5. Love and understanding – 3:56
  6. Brighter than the sun – 3:32
  7. Protection – 4:22
  8. Prisoners – 3:51
  9. No greater love – 3:59
  10. Crowd trouble – 3:44

The songs Tomorrow, Coming backwards and Crowd trouble were reworked for their inclusion on the Equals album. Likewise, Brighter than the sun, Time, Love and understanding and Prisoners were reworked for Sigma. The remaining four songs are only available in studio versions here.

Mike Peters – Vocals, Harmonica, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, E-bow and Electro harmonix Mel9

Smiley – Drums, Percussion and Backing vocals

James Stevenson – Bass guitar and backing vocals

Jules Jones Peters – Piano and backing vocals

George Williams – Keyboards and Bass guitar

Recorded at Bethel Chapel Studios, Wales, Doghouse studios, Bethel On Thames UK, Parr Street Studio A, Liverpool UK

Produced and mixed by George Williams. Engineered by Mark Warden. Mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studio, London

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