Alarm Alarm – (Song)

Alarm Alarm first appeared on the flexi disc with the Absolute Tour programme in April 1985 but Alarm Alarm actually relates to two different songs one performed by The Toilets and a new song demoed at the end of the days of Seventeen. The full story of the evolution is in the Never let The Fires Die Episode 7 Podcast

Podcast Episode #7: Alarm Alarm – From June 2017
This week Jeff and Steve Fulton discuss the legendary “lost” Alarm song, “Alarm Alarm”. What will they find as they excavate 40 years of Alarm history, looking for what could be, the quintessential Alarm track?  Featuring a brand new interview with Mike Peters

Click on the above to listen to the story of the evolution of Alarm Alarm ….

Roundhouse Studio Session 1985
Running length 2:54
Written by The Alarm
Mike Peters – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Dave Sharp – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Eddie Macdonald – Bass Guitar
Nigel Twist – Drums

Recorded live on 25th March 1985 at Roundhouse Studios, Camden, London NW1, England
Produced by Mike Howlett
Engineered by Nigel Luby

Alternative studio recordings of the song – New recording

2013 – The Alarm – Vinyl Free Rock and Roll
Running length: 1:53
Mike Peters – Punk Rock Guitar & Vocals
Phil Daniels – Vocals
James Stevenson – Bass & Electric Guitar
Steve ‘Smiley’ Barnard – Drums
Steve Allan Jones – Piano, Farfissa Organ and Backing Vocals
Craig Adams – Bass Guitar
Mark Taylor – Piano & Hammond Organ

Produced by Mike Peters. Music Supervisor – Steve Allan Jones.
Recorded at Aerial Studios, Wrexham, Wales and Beth Chapel Studios, North Wales by Mark Warden, Martin Wilding & Mark Joy. Mixed by Andrea Wright at Serial Studios, Wrexham, Wales.
Mastered by Kai Blankenberg @ Skyline Tonfabrik.

Album appearances and discography for studio versions

All the following are Worldwide releases except where stated

2013  – The Alarm – Vinyl Free Rock and Roll – Twenty First Century Recording Company, catalogue number 21C062 (CD). 2013 Vinyl Free Rock and Roll recording.

Single appearances and discography for studio versions

Officially released live recordings – Audio

All the following are Worldwide releases on Twenty First Century Recording Company
(Except where stated)

29th August 2004. Recorded at William Aston Hall, NEWI, Wrexham, Wales
Running Length 2:34. Mike Peters Solo acoustic.
Released in 2004 on Alarmstock 2 Volume 5 – Yesterday As If It Was Today

20th August 2005. Recorded at Recorded at Capitol Records Studio A, Los Angeles, California, USA
Running Length 2:33. Mike Peters Solo acoustic.
Released in 2005 on Alarmstock III Los Angeles Set 1 – The Sound Of Generations Collide

26th January 2013. Recorded at The Gathering 21, Venue Cymru, Llandudno, Wales
Running length : 1:36
Band line-up : Mike PetersJames StevensonCraig AdamsSteve “Smiley” Barnard and Mark Taylor
Released in 2013 – The Alarm – Abide With Us – Live at The Gathering 2013 Catalogue number 21C063

Lyrics – Vinyl Free Rock and Roll album version

Audio & visual sources


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