Abbey Road Sessions – (Event)

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On 7th September 1992, Mike Peters led his new band The Poets Of Justice into the famous Studio 2 at London’s Abbey Road. An all day 24 hour session had been booked, of which the morning and afternoon sessions were spent setting levels and recording a first initial run through of the songs. The second half and evening session allowed Mike and the Poets to record the songs again, only this time before a specially invited audience of 250 fans

Mike Peters and the Poets of Justice
Abbey Road Recording Session
Monday 7th September 1992
Originally published by the Strength Fanzine team in 1992

It was an ordinary Wednesday evening at about 6pm when Andy Jones from the MPO phoned me up and said casually, “Are you doing anything next Monday evening”. I replied “I don’t think so”, and wondered what was actually going to happen on that particular evening. “Well, do you and the others fancy coming to see Mike and the Poets of Justice doing a session at Abbey Road”. In fact, I was in such a state of shock from that bombshell that I replied stupidly, “I’ll see if we can come and phone you back”. I phoned Andy, and by then it was gradually sinking through, it really didn’t hit me until 9pm and I did a few yipeeess

As you can imagine that week just flew by and soon it was Monday afternoon

When we arrived, I insisted I wanted to have my photograph taken on the famous road crossing after much giggling. Talk about “Rock and Roll Stops the Traffic!!!” Whilst waiting to be let in – Chesney Hawkes arrived and Pete decided to have his picture taken with him

(Photo by Ian Francis. Event pass picture provided by Colin James)

We entered the building at about 6pm and we were going to be in Studio 2. The equipment was set up and we sat down on the floor (which left us all with numb bums!)  Mike explained it would not be like a live show, and the songs maybe done a few times. By the atmosphere of the selected 100, you can guess that no-one really cared, we were in Abbey Road Studio, it was a unique experience and a chance in a lifetime. We were all pleased that we had been invited. Soon, the band took to the floor stage and the songs started to be recorded, starting with Levi’s and Bibles, This Ain’t Love, Exodus, and Poetic Justice. The latter being first recorded as an instrumental, then Mike doing his vocals on his own then WE were asked to do the backing vocals. This we all did with some trepidation and pleasure; it was being filmed by S4 (Welsh TV) as a documentary. Then, it was onto All I Wanted, 21st Century, Better Than The Real Thing, Spiritual, Train-a-Comin’, Refugee, I Want What The World, Can’t Get Through and finally New Chapter

(Photo by Ian Francis)
Mike had decided during New Chapter, that all the lights would be put off and the audiences would have candles.  It was brilliant sight with Mike singing with everyone surrounding him. During the session, Mike even insisted that his Mum made us all a cup of tea and sure enough we had the tea, she only had to make 100 cups and I must admit it was very welcome and nice too – thank you Mikes Mum

Afterwards, we had a quick chat with Mike and Ethan; it had to be quick as we had to catch the last train home. All in all, I would like to thank everyone involved in the Abbey Road session and Mike Peters and The Poets of Justice. It was definitely one of the hi-lights of my life. I have always wanted to see a recording session and during it I couldn’t believe I was sitting there, but at least I have all the memories and photographs. This review was really hard to write and you could sum it up in one word really – as EMF would say :- UNBELIEVABLE

Click on image to view video of a news broadcast of the event including interview with Mike Peters

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