Never Let The Fires Die #2: The first USA Gathering, April 2017

In this episode we visit the first USA Gathering at UCLA on April 22nd, 2017.   We discuss the  debut of the documentary “The Man In The Camo Jacket”, as well as our overall impressions of the first USA Gathering.  We also discuss some a few other interesting tidbits that Alarm fans should find interesting.


  • Steve Fulton
  • Jeff Fulton

Guest Host

  • Ryan Fulton

Interview Excerpts

  • Mike Peters
  • Richard Blade

Songs Excerpts Played

  • Lie Of The Land (The Alarm eponymous E.P.) (1983)
  • Peace (live) from upcoming Blood Red/Viral Black albums (2018)
  • Trafficking from In The Poppy Fields album (2004)
  • Federal Motor Voter from In The Poppy Fields Album (2004)
  • The Road from Raw album (1991)
  • Down The Road from The Best Of The Alarm And Mike Peters (1998)
  • Road To Mexico by Dave Sharp (unreleased version, original from Downtown America album)
  • Coming Backwards from Man In The Camo Jacket soundtrack (2017)

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